About the blog

Hi there!

Today is June 2019 and we are starting the Amphory blog! :) Here we will write about topics that we are interested about like start-ups, lean management, team building and leading, continuous improvement and many more. The spectre of the topcis are the ones we face in our everyday business, challenges we have when building the '' platform and different use cases from our valued users where platform have been effectively used to solve some of the challenges in different domains. Our founding team experience is very heavily connected to industrial domain but we are active to expand to other areas. You are also welcome to comment and suggest the different (or better) ideas or approaches you have found from other posts. We are happy to link to external sources if it offers some value for our readers.

We built the blog environment during one afternoon, so it is far from perfect and will be improved as we go. We wanted to have it as simple as possible.

Hopefully you will find something interesting and valuable! team

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