Class: story

History of platform. About the original idea behind, key challenges and needs it is trying to solve and what are ups and downs when building new SaaS platform.

5min read

What is MVP of

How defined the minimum valuable product and selected first set of features.

So what does MVP actually means? Minimum viable product, this is the term I probably heard first somewhere in 2016 (yes, I'm late participate). Anyhow it was time I started to ...

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2019-06-11 12:08:18
4min read

Can I really do this?

First module written and how to build foundation for bigger thing.

As first try of coding wanted to have something more simple to start with. Just to see if can do it at all. Somekind of workable version of Notes module got ready somewhere in su...

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2019-06-05 16:08:21
6min read

The beginning!

Start of Idea, name, tools and framework used. platform was started in beginning of 2016. It was started as side-project by me. Single technical founder from Estonia. Idea to write such type of software was first ...

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2019-06-03 11:42:03